Mobius Chain Collar

Mobius Chain Collar available in Sterling Silver, Gold-Fill or Niobium. The Möbius strip or Möbius band is known in mathematics as a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. Just as your special relationship has only one boundary ... that which you choose ... so does the mobius. This new design is classy and elegant while also quite feminine and lovely.

This style can be made all with one material OR with three different materials for added dimension.  If you want three different colors of Niobium, please choose Niobium as your material, choose one color here and then list your other 2 color choices in the "Notes" box during checkout. 

The "default" for this style is 3 rings per Mobius segment - however it can also be made with 2 rings or 4.

Shown here in Sterling Silver with a Padlock Toggle Clasp. Matching Earrings are also available. Niobium is a very durable but very lightweight metal which is also known for being hypo-allergenic. 

Choose your preferred clasp - some have an additional charge, others do not.

  Silver Filigree Heart Clasp (no key)-yellow or rose gold filled also

  Working Heart Padlock WITH key (nickel plated)

  Silver Padlock Clasp

  Gold Vermeil Padlock Toggle 

  Silver Heart Padlock Toggle

  Silver Heart Lobster Clasp

  Gold (14k) Heart Lobster Clasp

  Gold (14k) Infinity Lobster Clasp

Mobius Chain Collar
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