Bracelet or Anklet - various styles


Bracelet or Anklet made in some of our most popular styles:  Byzantine, Mobius, Infinity, Crystal Infinity, Single-strand Infinity, Full Persian, Turkish Round Maille.

Can be made from gold-filled, sterling silver or niobium. Below is an anklet made from dark brown niobium and "curry" niobium in the Mobius style with the Working Heart Padlock.



Choose your preferred clasp - some have an additional charge, others do not.



 Silver Filigree Heart Padlock (no key) - yellow or rose gold filled also


  Working Heart Padlock WITH key (NICKEL plated) - now available in gold-plated also!


  Silver Padlock Clasp (no key)


  Silver Heart Padlock Toggle (no key)


  Gold Vermeil Padlock Toggle 



  Silver Heart Lobster Clasp


  Gold (14k) Heart Lobster Clasp


  Gold (14k) Infinity Lobster Clasp


Bracelet or Anklet - various styles
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